Higher Ed: Lectures, Workshops, Classes

Nathan Rapoport, Monument to the Six Million, 1964, Philadelphia. This monument was one of the first public monuments to the Holocaust in the US.

For Colleges and Universities

Presentations for academic audiences may focus on specific memorials in the context of memory and trauma theory. An art history lecture might address the role of Joseph Beuys’ “social sculpture” in analyzing Andrew Goldsworthy’s Garden of Stones, or on the development of East German art theory that helped make Will Lammert’s Monument to the Deported Jews possible. A Jewish Studies lecture may focus on a comparison of memorials in the United States and Germany.

Lectures: one-hour lectures followed by Q&A

Workshops: one to three-hour workshops with assigned reading and active learning

Classes: Visual Culture and the Holocaust; Holocaust Memorialization; Art and the Public Sphere; Art and the Environment 1960-Present

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