Secondary Schools

Workshops and classes are available for a middle school and high school teachers and students and/or their families, and are tailored to meet the needs of your school.

Charlotte Salomon, Life or Theatre? 1941-44

Middle school and high school:

Teacher Training: Learn to integrate art about the Holocaust and memorial culture into your teaching of the Holocaust. Emphasis is on learning how to read visual images, linking works of art to historical events, and encouraging students to think critically and independently. Workshops are designed for teachers who have only one or two days to teach the Holocaust, who have semester-long courses–or anything in between.

Civil Rights Days: If your school has a Civil Rights Day, consider a discussion-based presentation on the importance of interfaith dialogue, incorporating inspiring visual material that will get your students thinking and talking to one another.

In-class presentations: Consider an in-class presentation linking historical events of the Holocaust to works of art in ways that students will inspire empathy and dialogue.

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