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Gunther Demnig, Stolpersteine. These “stumbling blocks” can be found all over Europe, in front of homes from which Jews were deported. Each block provides the name of the deported person, birth date, place to which they were deported, and date of murder.

For Jewish Organizations:

Synagogues and Jewish community centers interested in hosting a lecture may choose from the following:

Fundraising events: Some memorials, such as Nathan Rapoport’s Monument to the Six Million Martyrs, in Philadelphia, would not have been possible without the dedication of Jewish philanthropists. The story of the monument is a riveting one about the survival–and success–of Jewish refugees-turned-philanthropists.

Kristallnacht and Yom Hashoah lectures: Memorials such as Gerson Fehrenbach’s Monument to the Destroyed Synagogue, in then-West Berlin, are dedicated to synagogues destroyed during the Night of Broken Glass. Its story belies West Germany’s difficulty in memorializing Nazi atrocity.

For general audiences:
Libraries, historical societies, or municipalities may wish to sponsor a public lecture or workshop on public art and/or memorialization.

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