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Gunther Demnig, Stolpersteine. These “stumbling blocks” can be found all over Europe, in front of homes from which Jews were deported. Each block provides the name of the deported person, birth date, place to which they were deported, and date of murder.

“A Case for Jewish Philanthropy: the Making of America’s ‘First’ Public Monument to the Holocaust.” The amazing story of how one man in Philadelphia brought together two very different Jewish communities to commission a Holocaust memorial.

“From Warsaw to Philadelphia: Nathan Rapoport’s Public Monuments.” Traces the sculptor’s production from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument to America’s “first” public monument in the US.

“Art and the Environment: Andrew Goldsworthy’s Garden of Stones.” Analyzes the Scottish artist’s installation at the New York Museum of Jewish Heritage in terms of environmental art.

“Visual Art and the Holocaust: Charlotte Salomon, John Heartfield, and Felix Nussbaum.” Examines the riveting paintings and photomontages of artists who refused to be silenced.

“Remembering Kristallnacht through Painting and Sculpture.” Examines artists, both during the Holocaust and after, who memorialize the Night of Broken Glass.

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